Can you die eating too much peanut butter?

Someone told its radioactive! :-O

Which is worse: the crunchy or the smooth?


Haha wtf is this, neither is bad but crunchy is probably better for you


Only if you're allergic.


hi, see for this.

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crunchy is bad if you have crohns disease or Irritable Bowl Disorder. It will tear you up when you have a bowel movement with these disorders or if you eat too much. Also a concern with peanut butter is with all of the recalls so make sure you buy brands that are not on a recall list. Never eat peanut butter if it smells funny because it could be rancid where the oil it it has spoiled.

Skippy and Peter Pan have been recalled due to salmonella.


It's not radioactive. -_-

You still can die from eating way too much peanut butter, same as you can from overeating ANYTHING, although, unless the majority of your daily meals include a substantial amount of peanut butter, I'd say you were safe. Eat it in moderation. Btw, the only big difference between chunky and smooth is the end result of the product.