Is my stomach expanding?

Im 19 5'1 male 131 pounds and for two weeks Ive had this issue with being hungry evan after I already eat breakfast lunch and dinner, mostly my meals are fruit/grain for breakfast lunch and for dinner I have fruit of sum kind unless I go out to dinner sum were than I have sum kind of protein, lately my body keep desiring more and more food but I don't want to overeat and gain more weight ( previous weight was 211 pounds) when I began exercising I shrank my stomach to hold less food along with changing my meals to be more healthy, could this need for more food be my stomach expanding ( current exercise is 2 or 2 1/2 hour walk with a 1 hour bicycle ride at 10 to 14 mph ). Is my stomach expanding and also could this be the reason for why Im so hungry


Needs more meat, to be honest. And good fats. Fruit just doesn't fill you up. And at the rate of exercise you do, you'll need to eat a LOT more than what you think you do.


hi, see for this.

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