I'm fat! Help me plz?!?

K Today I ate::

Like 1/3 of s LUNA bar

Footling subway(Italian bread,lettuce, American cheese, ranch)

I burned off the LUNA bar, and probably at least half of the subway

So...I wanna lose 2 pounds. I'm 5'1", 107 pounds, and going to seventh grade. Anyway to lose the weight fast? And if u could give me a quick run through of what to eat it would be good. Thanks. I'm a vegetarian.


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You don't sound like you need to lose weight but I guess that's none of my business. You can lose two pounds in one week sensibly if you work hard. You need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day - this helps more than you think. Eat only three meals a day, make sure they are relatively healthy and go easy on desserts, unless it's fruit of course! Also, try and do more exercise, even if it's only 20 minutes a day it is enough if you are out of breath and your heart rate is raised. Try dancing to music in the charts and going swimming with your friends or something.

Be healthy and happy!

if you have the time please answer mine everyone;…


we shouldn't care too much for our appearance,


107 pounds is NOT fat.


Just get over yourself. Your defiantly not fat. if anything you need to gain weight.


Lose the ranch. Also burn more calories that you eat. Only way to lose weight. No wonder your fat this is common knowledge


Dude, your just like me.. Well almost.

I'm going into eighth grade, and I'm 5' 7". Lol but if you want you can email me-I have lost of tips and stuff .


thats not fat. i hate when girls say i need to lose 2 punds and im fat because of that. thats fine for a girl of that age and height. so what is there to worry?


well thats not alot but if you want to lose waight just do lots of exersice and run alot and eat healthy foods like salads and things that dont have alot of greese and youll see that in a week youll loose some weight hope that helped