Why do girls with 18-20 inch thighs think they are big?

Do they not realise thighs that sort of size will fit a US size 0-2 (UK size 6-8)!

How on earth is that big? Or do these girls just have poor body image and/or eating disorders?


No that size doesn't fit a size 0-2. My tighs are 22inch and I fit a size 5-7, I'm also 5'9 and weigh 131. There are plenty of variables that come into effect for clothing sizes. Don't strictly go by thigh size. My ideal size for thigh is in that range, but look at my height. If I was 5'2 I wouldn't want my thighs to appear that big.


I have 21 inch thighs and I think they are enormous but I do have poor body images.

A lot of girls do have a horrible idea of what is healthy and what's honestly fat because of the size of the women portrayed in the media. It's very sad.


at the biggest part of my thigh its 21 1/2 inches. I do a lot of running (soccer and runs around the neighborhood), I wear like a size 1-3. depends in the brand. I do not think im fat or overweight. In fact I'm in love with my body! I'm only 15% body fat. I'm not fat one bit! Girls 13( my age) become self conscious, but i'm not!

don't worry girls will be girls!


its probably just from all the pressures to be super skinny these days, everyone feels the need to be perfect.

however lots of girls dont feel that they have big thighs or are fat for having a few extra inches, it can often look nicer/healthier for some people to have a little bit bigger legs/ bodies in general (not fat just not super thin)

everyone is different and so is everyones body image. i dont think it would be at all fair to say every thin person has an eating disorder either