Do you think I am too thin?

I am about 176cm tall, or 5'9.

My weight varies a bit when I weigh myself, between 55kg and about 58kg, or 121 - 128lbs. Therefore my BMI is between about 17.8 and 18.7.

I am a guy, by the way.


According to most BMI scales, the normal weight range is a BMI between 19 and 25, so yes you would be considered underweight. Your best bet for putting on a few pounds would be to eat foods that are nutritious and higher in calories, and regular exercise that increases muscle mass so that those extra pounds don't wind up as fat.


you are too too thin ,really


Yes mate, you are. We all have to start from somewhere, its time to start with the weights and begin eating more... a lot more. A year of hard work and you should well and truly be a decent size.


That sounds a bit thin. I'm guessing that you're an ectomorph. If you wanna gain weight, you're going to have eat big alot and lift big. Be a NAVY Seal. Sleep, Eat, And Lift. <--- Packed full with information if you're interested in working out.