Is 45 kg considered fat?

Im a 13 years old girl and have a height of 158-160cm. Some girls from my school call me fat... But my parents say im not. I dont know which one's true? Help?


45kg's is a bit more then 90 pounds so NO you are definitely NOT fat. You actually need to gain a bit more 'cause you're sorta underweight.

Don't listen to 13 year old girls. They may think their on top of the world now but in High School they'll be nobodies. Don't worry about it. Just make friends with people who'll last


your perfectly normal tell the girls to f**** off


You are not fat, girls at your school are silly.


Oh god, if anything you're underweight.


Well i'm 13 years old, 170cm tall but i'm a guy. I weigh a bit over 50kg. And i'm average in weight. I think you are too. You might even need to gain more weight. I suggest you eat more.


No Way! Underweight a little bit, no worries, your height and weight are in the health bracket, do not believe your friends, perhaps they are jealous, eat healthy and play your sports.