I feel FAT ! ?Im 14, and 5'4, and 104 pounds

Im 14, and 5'4, and 104 pounds. and a girl .

And I have absolutely no muscle.

Everyday , I complain about how fat I am.

From big thighs to love handles.

I've tried going for a 10-15 min run, but I'm not seeing results . It's hard to explain, but I feel skinny, but than I look in the mirror and see lumps, and immediately feel depressed. My brother calls me fat and lazy, which is why I am constantly tempted to grab that toothbrush, and puke my guts out ...

I need help,

I feel like everyone is soo much smaller than me. My mom suffered with anorexia, and I still hear her puke in the bathroom, which only tempts me even more to do it too.

I don't know what to do.

Yes, I try to watch what I eat, and exercise ,

but I end up not procrastinating about excessing. I go for a walk for an hour a day, and im trying to run for 15 mins too .

Should I just keep up the running and walking ?


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Im somewhat in the same boat. 14, 5'3 and 1/2, 110 lbs. Everyone tells me im skinny, but i look in the mirror and see my belly aint flat, on the contrary it sticks out considerably, and when i sit i've got rolls and sh*t i've tried dieting but doesnt work cause i dont obsess over it, tried exercise too and that doesnt work cause i dont know what to do when i go to the gym. i dont know what else to do.

but what i do know is that i wont turn anorexic. thats not the good way to get rid of excess-its not healthy. i knew someone who was anorexic, didnt eat for about 5 days and then actually went into a coma. she's ok now but she was in a coma for 14 days. it was pretty scary.

dont listen to your brother, brothers do that kind of gross stuff all the time. its not nice, and its not true either. i wish i was more like your size actually.

oh well.

listen, anorexia is not the good way to go. try going online and printing out exercises to do, or get some good recepies. actually concetrate on it.

i also suggest pilates and yoga, cause they tighten up your abs.

keep up the running and walking.

if you want to get rid of the "love handles" follow this exercise from start to finish, all the parts. you will def feel the burn. but keep doing it. i do it 2-3 times a week, depending on homework and what time i get home at night.…

keep pushing, keep trying, dont listen to others.

dont follow that temptation, listen to what you feel because in actuality, you are very, very, healthy and skinny. i would die for what you have.


make sure you're eating the right foods so your run is not for nothing, try to run for atleast 30 minutes a day and don't puke because that can really hurt your body

Your 5'4'' and 104 lbs, that is in no way fat and If someone calls you fat then just say "**** OFF" and you shud be fine, don't let people push you around and if you are by chance a little fat, who cares because that's just who you are and people should accept that. If they don't then you should stay away from them.


honestly, the best way to lose weight is exercise and eatting healthy. it takes a while to see results but you just have to be patient. you can saftely lose 2-3 pounds a week by doing this. any kinda of cardio exercise (running,dancing, ect...) for 30-60 mins a day atleast 4 times a week will help you lose weight.

Trust me, ive had the same exact problem you have! always looking at my body feeling depressed feeling like i was fat. but i just started exercising and eatting right.its really the best option to loosing weight, you just have to be patient.

good luck! =]


Just like that bitchy comic strip character, "Cathey".

No one will ever love you!


There are easier methods to shed weight as an alternative to dieting and exercise. You can take a supplement which rinses out the colon, you can shed up to 20 pounds this way - plus the weight comes off in the correct areas too! There's a risk free trial at


"A 14 year old (female) child who is 104.0 pounds and 5 feet and 4 inches tall, has a body mass index of 17.9, which is at the 28.7th percentile and is considered to be a healthy weight."

So, nothing to worry about! Keep on walking just cause it's good for you. Your not fat at all and your brother is an idiot. ;)


If you watch what you eat and you have a routine schedule of running every week, then trust me you will see results. Its not something you will notice in a week because you dont lose weight that fast. It will take a few weeks to notice small changes, by a month you should be able feel a difference. Just work hard and your body will change.


Don't become anorexic or bulimic. It is really not good for you, as your body needs all the nutrition that you receive eating. If I were you I would continue exercising. Try squats, they really tone the muscles in your legs and crunches/sit ups. If you exercise regularly you should be able to see results, but remember results don't just appear in a week. You have to continue.