Day 6 of no smoking dont feel good ?

I have had a really bad chest and to be honest its scared me that much i have given up smoking. I am now on day 6 of my no smoking life , .........but i feel worse if anything is this normal ? my chest is so clogged up , keep feeling giddy , cant sleep , got restless legs at nights ? and sooooooooo much pheylm . having hot flushes ? i am still very determined not to smoke but just wondering if all these symptoms are normal when quitting and how long does it take to start to feel the benefits ? i smoked for over 20 years and was a 20 a day smoker . not on patches or anything just willpower !


Congratulations !

from a fellow former smoker and "quitter"

Your body is repelling toxins from the lungs and the entire body, that is the reason of that general "malaise" and all that phlegm will keep on coming out for a while. but a few days you will start noticing the benefits of quitting.

your taste buds will be re-awaken, your smell sense also will be much better, and in about three weeks, your stamina will begin to improve, little by little, your body will thank you and regain its normal healthy self.

Go ahead, live healthily, and when the cravings overpower you and you have a puff, have it, finish it, and be done with it. no regrets and recriminations, only strong resolve to not smoke again.

one is not much to cry about... just do not do more.

and in about a year, your breathing will be deep and strong, without the cough, choking ....and you will find yourself singing again!


You are doing great! You were extremely wise to make this decision to lengthen your life and become a healthier person. Everyday that goes by brings you one step closer to achieving your goal. Yes, it is normal for you to feel this way but you're moving over the "hump" as we speak! Do what ever you can to take your mind off of it. Chew gum, suck on a lolly pop, get chinese sticks and act like they're something to puff on. Rest, rest, rest as much as you can, this week especially. Don't go anywhere outside fort the next week have someone else run your errands for you. Try to stay in your bedroom only. Put your car keys up. If you believe in God, pray often. Try meditation,breath in deeply, hold it, then breathe out so slowly anytime you feel any kind of stress or anxiety. Remind yourself often that you spent that part of your life smoking, but now you must spend this part of your life clean because you used up all your time for smoking, none is left. Anytime you take something away, please, put something back in. Trade smoking for; exercise, bingo, shopping, health food, reading, writing, hobbies that you love, anything that is good and brings you joy. If worse comes to worse use the gum, it helps. You are moving to a new thresh hold in your life that is nothing short of a victory. You no longer will be a puppet of the cigarette company. No longer will it dictate every move in your life you make. Do you remember lighting up right after you eat, when you get up, with your morning coffee, coke? How about while you're at work plotting when the next time you can get away to smoke? Or, while your driving, going to bed, the last cigarette of the night? What about when your clothes stink so damn bad, I mean everything you wear. Your constant bad breath, your house that wreaks of nasty smoke. What about when you're really tired but you only have a couple left so you get up and drive to the gas station to get another pack so you'll have one in the morning? How about that hopeless feeling you get about yourself every time you light one up and you realize that once again you were so weak you couldn't say no? You ask, when will I feel the difference. You are already feeling the difference. Your blood pressure has dropped by 10 points in the first 24 hrs. More oxygen is getting to your cells, your skin is a little pinker. Your lungs whose cilia was paralyzed and could sweep tar, crud, mucus up and out, are now finally beginning sweep upwards cleaning out impurities in your lungs. From now on out for a few months you will notice you are coughing more because your lungs are going through a cleaning process. You may even spit up black or brown tiny speckles, this is great! Your lung and oxygen capacity will increase, you will become more physically tolerant of exercise, your chest will feel a strange, beautiful kind of calm that you have not felt in years, this is priceless. The aveoli in your lungs {little sacks} wil;l no longer have their elasticity destroyed by cigarette smoke. Most importantly you will be free, finally free from the emotional and physical pain of addiction. You will finally be in control of your life and yourself, because if you can quit cigarettes, you can quit anything. I smoked for 27 yrs, 2 packs a day this advice worked for me, I know it will work for you. Believe in yourself, you are stronger than cigarettes.


For starters, well done. The first week is tough. Your body will be doing everything in it's power to get nicotine into it. After the first week, eat some of your favourite fruit and you will taste it how is is supposed to taste (strawberries did it for me) Be aware that you will continue to get cravings, probably for the rest of your life (I still get them when I'm really stressed, 20 years after giving up).

I gave up using will power too. I found it easier because everyone around me said I couldn't do it so I thought "I'll show you" The main benefits will become apparent after a week but it will take time for your lungs to fully clear. You will find that you will have more energy and won't get out of breath so much. I think the worst part of giving up is to find something to do with both your hands and your mind when you would normally have a cigarette. After the first month, you will have saved enough money to buy a Nintendo DS which will solve both issues.

Good luck


First of all MAJOR CONGRATS! Seriously, nobody will say that more than an ex-smoker. I too am working on day 8. Although I am in the hospital, due in part by smoking but also I have alot of allergies which sparked my Bronchitis. Chest good honey get to the doctor if you can wait. But if not get to the ER. Feeling bad is OKAY when you first quit, no feeling horrible. There is lots of stuff avail to people who are quitting, and I am finding them all out. But your doctor can probably ease alot of your pain with RX's. Dont go back to smoking, Keep the faith,see your Doctor and dont do it alone, you'll fail! Best of luck! God Bless!


Please keep it up. It's withdrawl from the drug. Don't give up now what ever you do. If you start up again, I can assure you that lung cancer will be much worse than this.


You are having nicotine withdrawal systems. Willpower for the win! :)……


It's called withdrawals. you have been on Nicotine for years and your body is trying to go through repairing itself and getting back to normal. Just keep at it and in a couple of weeks you should be fine except for the mental part. Habits are hard to break. you need something to replace the act of smoking with that isn't a food item. I know this from personal experience. I once quit for 3 months - and gained 45 LBS. Could never lose it either.

"Cold Turkey" is the hardest way, but also the best as it's doesn't drag the healing process out.