Is it weird that i crave dirt?

i crave dirt eating it..i have before and it actually taste good to me.. is it bad? and why do i crave it?


Pica. There is some mineral missing from your daily diet and your body craves it and you are finding it in dirt. You could also be eating a lot of bacteria which could be harmful so you better find out what it is you are lacking.


You are going to get sick. That is disgusting. Cravings for weird stuff is called pica get to your doc. There is treatment for this..


You could be anemic. Have you had your iron levels checked?


Have you told a Doctor this is called PICA its a disease. it can lead to other cravings of non-food things any of them the dirt to can cause major health problems tell a Doctor ASAP they will know what you are talking about so talk to one sooon. Please


omg to tell you the truth so do i, i used2 eat it all the time when i was little.


yes it's bad. you have pica disorder. you need to see a doctor.