Will the doctor call you or not?

I had a mole biopsied and need to go back next week to get stitches out of moles the doctor removed. Will they just tell you then if any are cancerous or if they are do they call as soon as the find out?


After my biopsy 4 days went by and my doctor called me to tell me it was cancer over the phone and also to tell me to come in the next day to go over my options which when i went in he already made an appointment with a surgeon for me the following week so i would say yes if it is serious they would call so they can move quickly


They will call if it cancer and ask you to come in right away. When you go get your stitches out make sure you get a copy of the pathology report.


They will tell you the results when you go back. They do not tell people they have cancer over the phone.


because doctors are so busy with other people as well they usually wont call or do anything unless there is somthing there to treat or diagnose so if they have not called you and there tests are complete then you have nothing to worry about you can also call and check on test results if you dont get a call from them and you are worryed about weather they found anything or not.