Heart attack i dont wanna die!?

ok i have been having these pains on my left breast well it sometimes moves around,i am 13 healthy i went to docter and they took my BP and it was normal and i was ok at the checkup and they said i need a EKG and a xray on mah chest which happens tommorow but what if i am dead!,the pains are sorda of a sharp ache and i told my mom butshe didnt beileve i was having a heart attack or whatever she said growing pains so what is it exactly i happens about every 2mins. and it has been for about a half hour so what the h e double hockey sticks is going on? btw this has been happining for about a little over a happens randomly or when i yell or something that stresses me out please help!



Brush it off as growing pains for now, which it probably is. If it gets REALLY BAD then I would start to call your doctors, etc.


crushing chest pains, pains radiating in the left arm, or jaw pain, vomiting,shortness of breath are sign of a heart attack.


It may be heart palpitations..I have had this for a while now..if there's no pain in your arms or numbness..then it may be the palpitations..I suggest you to google it because im still learning about it..hope this helped!


I often have occasional pains in my stomach or around the heart reigion too, if you get easily stressed out ortense it maybe the sighn of an ulsar, in which case you need a doctor to look throughly through that posibility, or it may simply be heartburn, dunno just my word