How many hours of absolute fasting will give accurate Fasting Blood Sugar reading?

I am a prediabetic and I need to go to a clinic to check my fasting blood sugar. I am not sure whether 10 hours of absolute fasting (only water during this period) or 12 hours of absolute fasting will give an near accurate result. Experienced people please help.


A fasting blood test just means that you are not supposed to eat or drink eight to 12 hours before having blood taken. However, you can--and should--drink water. You should consult your doctor about whether your should avoid medications. The reason for fasting prior to a blood test is so that food and beverages do not influence your test ratings. Your doctor is trying to gauge specific information before any external substances create a false outcome.



Nothing from midnight for an 8 am test.


I was told 12 hours, no water no nothing.


yes it will and they can tell yu if you are 150 about or more then 100 you are prediabetic. now you can getrid of it by simply dieting and losting weight but you have to work at it. you ca't just say yes and not do it. its up to you and you can prolong when it will happen or if it will