Black dots in stool? What does this mean?

What do black dots in your stool mean? Lately I've been having it. I'm wondering whats wrong with me. I also missed my period. I've also been really stressed lately. I'm 16.


Black dots usually mean that you ate something black or dark colored like black beans, blueberries, spinach, etc. Unless your stool is surrounded by a pink cloud (which would signal that the black is actually clotted blood), it's nothing to worry about.

As far as your period goes, stress can frequently cause you to miss your period. As long as you are eating a healthy diet and there is never a penis or semen anywhere near your uncovered vagina, it's probably nothing to worry about. However, if you miss two or more in a row, it wouldn't hurt to get a checkup, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck.


Cleveland 11/17/10

Two things come to mind:,..Licrice(sp),.and,.eating fried food that has some burnt corners,..

Like stating,."Burn a corner of my Steak,.!?!" Blood,.? Naw,..! that would result in redish br-

own color in the Stool,..Do not see any black.,.it would be as a result of something eaten,..

Perhaps,.Poison,..Which Poison yields black,..Hhhmmm-mmm,.!?! Worth some thoughts,.

Find out which Poison causes black,..Aaannddd,.go see a doctor,..or, to the emergency

room,.Go find out what be causing the black,.!?

Eliasis Yahwehei ( The Main Man )