Axe shower gel caused something on my skin help?

I just used Axe shock body gel for my skin and Axe skin contact for my skin of course and I just started getting rough and painful skin anyone know about this and couold help?


Eeeeew Ouch...First of all, if you haven't already, Shower again with a milder soap and rinse, rinse, rinse...and if you have some Aloe Vera Gel (the sunburn kind is best) for skin use that, OR Calamine lotion, OR Zinc Oxide (which is a messy thick white cream, but it works 'fast' on skin rashes if you have that too)...If it doesn't go away or gets worse in the next few hours call and or see a doctor. A Doc may even recommend Benadryl, if it is an allergic reaction.

I'd even write the company and tell them it happened.

Hope this helps!


Your skin is having an allergic reacton to something in axe stop using axe for a while and see if it improves if it does not get it checked out by a professional