Question about accutane?

Im just about to start taking Accutane soon for my acne, I was just wondering since my acne is probably labled as mild to moderate, will it clear up sooner then say someone with severe cystic acne?


Hey John! It's really different for everyone, but I can answer based on my own experience. I also had mild to moderate acne when I started my accutane treatment. I never had an "initial breakout" like some people do. Honestly, my skin cleared up extremely quickly. After the first month I really wasn't getting noticeable breakouts anymore. I would still occasionally get a few zits here and there, but they weren't nearly as bad as what I experienced before accutane. I'm currently in my final month of treatment, and my skin has never looked better in my whole life. Right now there isn't a single zit on my face! I'm so glad I went on the medicine. Just a few tips: hydrate like crazy, use Aquaphor for your lips (its soothes the lips the best), and use Cetaphil daily moisturizer on your whole body every time you get out of the shower. Best of luck on your journey to clear skin! :)