Why do some people with lactose intolerance drink milk anyway?

I've read that 99 percent of people in japan are lactose intolerant, but according to a survey japanese citizens consume dairy on a daily basis. Is their intolerance mild or do they think it's worth severe diarrhea?

And no, I'm not being racist. I WORSHIP Japan!


There is a variation in degrees of severity, just like with any other food intolerance/allergy. I myself am mildly intolerant, but can tolerate butter, cream, and sometimes even ice cream. Cheese gives me hell. There are plenty of supplements lactose intolerant people can take, and plenty of lactose free products that are still derived from milk. There's also a secondary protein called casein that still others are intolerant to. That's why I can tolerate fattier forms of milk.

Hope this helps!


they might just like the taste of it