How long will it take for my pinky toenail to grow back?

I hit my foot on the side of the desk and my pinky toe nail got caught and started hanging off the skin. I pulled it all the way off how long will it take to grow back I now have a weird pink toe. Ewww

Can I go to the nail salon and get a fake one put on?


Yuck! I lost my big toenail once and it took 4? months to grow back completely.

4 months is the average time it takes for a toenail to grow back in its enterity.

Fingernails grow about 4 times faster than toenails though.

No idea about the fake nail in salon thing...sounds weird!


anywhere from 1 month to 3months. I think I heard somewhere in school that nails or hair grows at 1/18 of an inch day, faster or slower for different races/body types/gender/background/environment. I did the same with my big toe.


It will take a few weeks to a month at least. You can call the nail salon and try.