How do you make swelling go down fast..?

My right eye lid/eyebrow area is really swollen, I don't know why but I think I may have a pimple or something. I can't see one though. How do you make swelling go down fast because it's making me look a little odd!


try a hot compression a warm flannel or cloth (make sure its not boiling though! or it'll make it go red should help take the swelling down if its a spot under your eyelid it might be a chazilion which can be cured early with a hot compress if this doesn't work though go and see your doctor and they will arrange for it to be removed dont leave it too long i had the same problem and waited ages before going to the docs and it got pretty huge!


I agree totally with Sara S. You use cold to prevent swelling and hot to remove it once it's there. Also, a bit of whiskey would help, too.


Ice, my friend. Works with all swelling situations.



mortin, ib prufon, ice


It sounds as though you could have an eye infection- don't worry, it's very easy to treat.

For now I'd recommend putting a cold flannel over your eye to soothe it. Avoid touching or itching the eye area so you don't spread it.

It is of course possible that it's just a pimple, but it would be a good idea to see a doctor. If it is an infection they can give you a cream for your eye (I've had it before-it really works!)

-Hope this helps!




Arnica is great for reducing swelling and bruising. Try's all natural and works.