Cutting myself? Please help?

Ok, well i'm not going to go into much detail, but I cut myself today, I was just wondering how long it takes to go away? It's not too deep, but you can definitely tell that it is there. It didn't bleed to much. Thanks :)


*sigh* unfortunately no matter how small or shallow the cut is it still takes a while to heal. i cut myself and am actually pretty hygienic about it, they usually aren't deep, and even with medication its still a scar =/ my first one i didn't even really cut, more like scrape, and it barely bled at all but have had the scar for over two years now. please, if you can, do your best to stop. mine has gotten so bad its become like a drug to me and it's not worth it. im actually going to see a psychiatrist and neurologist tomorrow =) STOP BEFORE IT BECOMES A PROBLEM it's made me lie, steal, cheat, and has made my relationship between my parents and siblings so complicated i miss my life but at least imma get some help


If you do nothing else, heed what Vela' said to you. Find an outlet or someone that doesn't cut to talk with. As for the scar, after it heals there are scar vanishing products out there. My wife swears by a product called Scar Zone. You can find it in the band-aid section in some stores. She finds it at Walmart but it's not at all stores.


I did this once, then i did it a couple times, thenn i got a thrill from cutting random spots on my body.. and now a year and a half later i can still see the scars regrettably. I really hope ur's heal and that u never have to look at it again in remembrance of why u did it. Find something to channel negative energy through instead of causing physcial pain to suffice for internal pain. Running works for me. n Yea use Neosporian.


If you don't touch it too much, it should go away in a few weeks. Yes, you could use Neo Sporin (like the other answerer said) to help it heal faster. All kinds of cuts leave scars for a long time, maybe even years, but eventually they fade if you use some sort of cream.

Hope this helps!


Put on Neo Sporin it helps heal cuts quickly