Pretty sure I've torn my Achilles tendon...?

...not a full rupture, but I'd bet money that it's partially torn. I've had Achilles tendonitis for weeks now, and while walking this afternoon, I felt a "click" in the base of the tendon, and now I'm in excruciating pain. I know I probably need to go to the hospital...but what can they really do for an incomplete tear? I'd rather wait 'til tomorrow to see my orthopedist...what to do, what to do?


for now, rest as much as possible. ice the area and elevate it up on the couch. Ice it several times, 20 minutes per. walk as little as possible, and do an ankle wrap if you have athletic tape or an ace bandage will do, or an ankle brace - something to help imobilize the ankle. if you felt a click or pop, then yes you likely ruptured something in there. hopefully its not too serious, or didn't pull away from the bone!