Can I take my cast off early?

I broke my hand 3 weeks ago. I've been in this cast 3 weeks tomorrow. It currently smells like a foot and with this heat, it'll smell worse by next Monday when the cast comes off. Do you think I could take it off today? There is no pain when I move my fingers.


I would consult my doctor or physician first.


Sure, go ahead. If you want to have to have surgury or wear another cast, that is.

Casts smell bad. That's what sweat does. Pour some baby powder in it, that's what I did with my leg cast when it started to really bug me.


You need to consult your doctor first, they tell you to leave it on for a certain amount of time for a reason. Even if it feels like it is completely healed it may not be, hence why you are supposed to leave it on for so long. So, consult your doctor, and unless he or she says you can take it off, then leave it on.


It's never a good idea to take a cast off early, the bones probably won't be strong enough yet. Casts always smell bad, that really shouldn't be your main concern as opposed to making sure it is going to heal correctly, no one else will notice (or if they do, they won't think anything of it. People know casts always smell bad after awhile, your skin is closed in an encasing for a long period of time. That' why your feet smell, same deal with shoes)


dont do it! my sisters friend took off her cast just a few days early to go swimming and now her wrist hurts whenever she dose something that requires alot of movement to it. just wait for the doctor to take it off cause you can also injure your self while trying to take it off


consult the doctor and see what he says.but do not remove it on your own let the doctors do could cut yourself if you try and make things all the worse.


Why risk it? Keep it on -_-


I took mine off 22 day' s early it was weak for about 2 day' s and it feels fine now. but if it feels good and you decide to take it off don' t force you' re wrist into anything do recommended exercises..