Why can i feel my pulse in my left foot?

Its a really annoying sensation i know i probably cant stop it i was just wondering the reasons for what causes it aha.


you can feel a pulse pretty much anywhere, the average adult has 320 pulses in the body and you have various everywhere, you can feel them in the neck, on the wrist, on the temple of the head, on the thumbs, in the legs, anywhere. It just depends on how your veins and arteries are laid out, thats basically what a pulse is, blood flowing through veins/arteries.

Now you probably feel a pulse in your left foot because you have more blood flowing to that area then usual, so im thinking you recently went through some strenuous activity that got the blood in your foot pumping more (its always pumping but you dont feel it most of the time.) Anyway something as simple as playing football or maybe even walking up the stairs may have been the cause of you feeling the pulse in your foot.


was this after you sat on it for a while?

even if you didn't feel any stabbings (the foot didn't fall asleep) - if you sat on it for a while, the blood flow is reduced, and once released- the blood comes charging back.


Essentially you can feel a pulse anywhere an artery is close enough to the surface of the skin. There's a bigger artery which goes across the top of your foot called the dorsalis pedis, and is used frequently in the hospital to check the circulation to your feet. There's many smaller arteries which go throughout your body which some people can even feel. If you click on the link below, there's a picture which shows the major arteries of the leg...all the way down to the dorsalis pedis. Hope this helps!


cuz you have blood there... you can feel your pulse almost everywhere if you look right


you are probably checking in the wrong area