Pain in back ribs, won't go away?

when i run i sometimes get a side stitch in my right side, but it goes away after a few minutes

so the other day i ran, and about 40 minutes into the run i felt this sharp pain in my back like coming from my ribs on the left side a bit below my shoulder. I decided to run through it though.

So now it's been a week and i still have this horrible pain in my ribs/upper back. It hurts to lie down on my back or on my stomach. I can bike fine and it doesn't hurt my back but when i run or jump i get the stabbing pain in my back again. I think it has something to do with the moving up and down of running.

I don't know what it is and i would really like to know so i can get back to running



You're probably going to think I'm crazy, but, what kind of liquids have you been drinking? If acidy type juices and such, stop them. Also carbonated colas, stop them too for a bit.

You're a runner, so I don't expect that you eat fatty or fried foods, but, believe it or not, upper GI problems CAN cause the kind of pain you're talking about here. Especially since it hasn't been easing up. If you eat apples, that can aggravate the gall bladder more so if it is already inflamed.

It could also be some sort of infection in one of your lungs. Perhaps even one of your ribs could be out of place, although I doubt that, or it would hurt to breathe.

You may not like hearing this. But, my daughter had to stop running because of a problem with an extra piece of bone in her one foot. The orthopedic surgeon told her that if she's wants him to operate, there would be no guarantee it wouldn't cause another problem with the foot to still prevent her from running.

Since the only time it DID hurt her was when she would run, she had to change to brisk walking to get in her cardio.