How do I break my leg fast at home?

Just tell me the best way.



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ur a girl right?

i take it u've got high heels

u got some stairs? good

Run down the stairs as fast as you can in them. Don't hold onto the hand rail. Just keep on trying it, it'll work.

My friend did it. She dd it the 4th try. Broke her ankle and it had to be in a cast for 3 weeks. But be careful how you fall, she broke her wrist as well and spent the 3 weeks in a wheel chair


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you are so stupid.but just for the heck of it-one good way to sprain/break your ankle is to hop on one leg'll fall.


do you even realize the consequences to your actions..IF you break this leg, you MAY also submit yourself to having it removed, worse case scenario, but very, my dear, are a fool!


go to the top of your steps and jump on a ege of 1 of the nearest step and start rolling


see a therapist.


If you mean break your leg CAST then smash it with a sledge hammer, although you may need another CAST afterwoulds.

If you mean break your leg QUICKLY then... smash it with a sledge hammer.