Help, cut my anus while shaving?

I was shaving by my anus, and I clipped it, the cut is just above my anus, and It feels really weird, what do I do to make sure it doesn't become infected?


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Just make sure you wipe really well....I've done this too


You shave your anus? And tell the world about it? Is this for real? I am honestly curious




I bet you got ring sting geezer.Why cut you ***,you virgin christ.....bic razors for your *** are so sharpe......


you have hair in your anus, your question is invalid


All you need to do is protect it with a plaster :D

i hope i will be a good doctor in the future ^_^


I would just sit in hot water and make sure you keep it as clean as possible..epsom salt would also help if you put it in the water


just dont have...anal sex i guess? just be careful it will heal. and be careful in the future when you're trimming the hair in that area. its hard but it happens.