Please help me. What did I do to my ankle?

So I'm sorry this is kinda long but I feel like the whole story is relevant for you to help me. Anyways, last spring I sprained my ankle but it never healed properly (I don't think) and has bothered me but rarely. It hasn't hurt in a while but recently it started hurting again. When I hurt it the first time it only really hurt on the outside of my ankle. Now it has been hurting sometimes just when I walk and thats on the inside. I rolled it again in a bball game and now itll just hurt anywhere pretty much without warning on my ankle. It hurts more when i have bball practice. Also, it kinda pops/cracks when I do calf raises sometimes.

What could be wrong with it?



also its not extreme pain. sometimes only discomfort.


Your problem really started last spring when you injured your ankle and never got treatment. That was a really dumb thing to do but I am not one to throw stones because when I was young I did the same thing. What I'm sure you did was re-injure it and again you are not treating it, or at least you don't say anything about treating it. Here's what I would tell my own child(and I have two)in the same situation or even one of the troops under my leadership.1) Make sure your parents know about it 2) stay off it as much as possible 3) elevate it and alternate ice packs and heat(a heating pad will work but put a towel or something under it so you don't get burned. Ice cubes in a plastic baggie are acceptable but again put something between your skin and the baggie. 4)Call your doctor and let him/her know and make sure you tell about the earlier injury. 5) tell your coach 6) no practice/games until after you are cleared by a Dr.

I hope this helps you(I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is for your own good), and you get better soon.

Happy New Year to you and your family.


You might have tendonitis . Witch is the sprain of tendines im your ankle I got it last year im summer track . Yo in should go see a doctor tp get and x ray. My doctor told me to sleep with my foot elevated and get an ankle brace that should tempiraeily ease the pain........ If you going to be doing a lot of shopping you might consider wearing an ankle brace


The same thing happens to me. If you go to a foot specialist they'll take x-rays just to be safe. Ask if they have an Air-Cast Ankle Re-enforcement Brace. This is what I received and it relives the discomfort a lot! The only problem with it is it'll stretch out your shoe. It's easier if you wear sneakers and loosen the laces or wear boots like UGGS.