My boyfriend has the flu, will i get it too?

Today, my boyfriend texted me and told me he has the flu and has been throwing up all day. He is really sick. I have spent every day over christmas break with him and yesterday, being new years eve we kissed when the ball dropped, and then when he dropped me of at home. So since he has the flu today does that mean i will get it soon? if so, how soon? i havent had the flu shot yet so i am curious.

thank you!


You may or may not get the flu as well. If your immune system is very strong you may perhaps escape it. If you get it as well it would probably hit you in the next day or so.


your boyfriend's flu will not affect you. But you should take rest so that your body defense system remain more active


its possible. depends how strong your immune system is. you should not get the flu shot if you feel unwell or think you may be sick