How to break your wrist ?

Hey I am not going to do it I just want to know 20 ways to break ur wrist other than jump off a tree or roof or use a hammer ir chainsaw


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1.go on top of a table or somethin like that jump off and land on ur wrist akwardly

2.hit it 10-20 times with a very heavy book like the enciclopidia or the hard cover big dictionary or anythin

3.fall backwards and put ur wrist out akwardly to try to break ur fall

4.fall during having a shower on ur wrist (not very good idea) it would be better if u put some water in ur room and slip on it and put ur wrist out

5.hit it hardly on a wall until u hear a snap

6.sit on a chair and make it fall backwards and land on ur wrist

7.put ur wrist on the edge of a chair and ur fingers sticking out or down or watever and lift ur self up with that wrist

8.go ice or ground skating and fall backwards and let ur wrist out back too

9.hit it with a heavy and strong potato for 20 times or until u hear a snap or sound

10.fall off the stairs backwards or in any position and let ur wrist out

thats all but instead of 10 more ways i will give u loads of information bout ur broken wrist and wat u will get when u break it

1.when u break ur wrist u get : 2-5 days rest from school - attention and care - a cool cast that anyone can sign

2.when u go to the hospital with a broken wrist : ask for a fiberglass cast cause it weights less and can have a color on it

3.when the doctor asks u wat happened say : i fell off the stairs and landed on my wrist - a heavy book fell on my wrist - i was skating and i fell down - i hit a wall

4.information about ur cast : u will have ur cast on for 4-6 weeks - if u break ur wrist u will (usually in most cases) get a short arm cast (some cases need long arm casts ) - u might get a sling to help u with ur arm ( a sling is a piece of cloth with a rope or watever u wanna call it that goes aroung ur back a sling helps u carry ur arm cuz the cast is a little heavy)

thats all i can provide u with i waster 20 minutes writing u this so i wish u choose it as a best answer and i wish i helped


hit a wall very hard or a hammer


just think of ways to bend it in an unatural way.


I can think of many ways of breaking your wrists so you don't ask anymore silly questions =p


if you want to break your wrist a sling you might get or if you break your hand you will get one.

don't cry it is to sad


My wrists used to btehor me until I started using a wrist rest and mousepad with a wrist rest. Also I have to position my mousepad far enough back on my desk so that my elbow is resting on the desk too when I'm mousing around. If I don't then i get wrist and arm pain. Things have been great since I made those changes.


My freind was about to go roller skating on her deck... not the best idea ever. She was walking outside and boom she fell, she landed weirdly on her wrist, it looked like she punched her wrist at the ground and then she landed on and sat on for five seconds and went to the hospital. she broke her wrist.


I've always wanted to break my wrist and I've dreamed of breaking my leg to but

We are on the wrist solution so can eny one give me ideas on how

To break it plz x