My chapped lips and swollen lymph nodes?

Hi, I'm Diana and for a while now, the corners of my mouth are chapped. I've been applying the same chap stick ever since it started up - regular, not flavored or scented - I believe it made it worse, actually. And I'm convinced that my lymph nodes underneath my chin & tongue(outside on the skin) are swollen. But they aren't bulgey. It just hurts to move my next around. What is wrong with me?


Don't worry nothing is wrong with you! your swollen tonauge might be friend allergies and omg I have chapped lips on the sides of my lips too!:) haha I put cortisone on them at night before I go to bed and like 3 days later they are gone! My doctor persribed this hope I helped!:)


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Nothing is wrong with you, apply Vaseline you could get it at a drug store.


Sounds like you have a cold. Your lymph nodes get swollen when you have a cold. It also sounds like you are having labored breathing due to your cold (congestion), which makes your lips chapped. If it doesnt get better or gets worse within 3 days, speak to your PCP.

Feel better, have chicken soup! :) and rest!