Is it ok if I drink some Sprite?

I have strep throat and I have been taking amoxicillin for three days. I don't have throat pain much anymore just a runny nose now.I know that sodas make the bacteria grow but I really want a Sprite. Is it ok if I drink one or should I ignore this urge? I can only go so long on Gatorade and herbal tea.


no dirnk some tea


dude a can of sprite isnt going to mess it up anymore, if your taking your amoxicillin you should be beyond fine


I drink Sprite all the time when I'm sick, it help me, try it.


Yeah you can I think

I always drink ginger ale when I'm sick and that's almost like sprite

It doesn't really affect the medicine

If it did, your doctor would have told you


Soda isn't going to make the bacteria grow anymore than Gatorade. And who told you soda made bacteria grow more if you have strep throat? I've never heard that before. Drink your Sprite. You'll be fine. Plus, if the doctor knows how to do his job he gave you at least a week of Amoxicillin. That's standard procedure. Just make sure to take all the drugs. If you quit early, it could come back, and the bacteria that survives could be slightly more resistant to the drugs (since they were the ones that survived that battle).


Sprite helps (amazingly) when you have strep. I speak from personal experience when I say it stops the pain. Also, it's this thing called google. Try it sometimes. Sorry, I get mean. :D