Who would I see for eye pain?

I've had some pain in/around my eyes since yesterday (particularly one eye) and they're slightly swollen. Not itchy or red though. But the pain is quite bad and it's causing headaches. It's mostly around the eyelids. I'm going to get an eye wash from the chemist today incase it's the start of an infection but:

1) any ideas what might be causing it?

2) do I see my GP or an optician about it?

I really don't want it to get worse because my graduation ceremony is in 2 days (bloody timing) so I really need to get it sorted out! :-(


Talk to the chemist when you go in,It could just be hayfever although if you need it fixed quick I'd recommend going to the opticians first for a full prognosis.

He may give you eyedrops or tell you what to buy for them.

Hope this helps.Congrats on graduating



GP. Opticians check eye sight not eye infections. It is tricky though.

I had something similar which was an allergic reaction to a horsefly bite. My doctor gave me some medicine which did the job in a day or so


Sounds like an allergic reaction; wash the eye area well. If it continues, see an ophthalmologist.