Male pediatrician female teen?

Ok so I am a 14 year old girl. At the pediatric association I go to I really don't care for the personalities of the female doctors they tend to be rough, not very caring, and aggressive, but the men (esspecially two of them) are very caring and are genuinly concerned for your well being (and they have a good sence of humor). Although, for obvious reasons including age it would be preferable to have a female doctor since it may be a bit awkward for me to talk about 'girl things' to a man. I think I could personally look past that fact and go for one of the guys since I like their personallities, and this is their job and they signed up for things like this to happen. I'm curious to what others think though. It would be greatly appreciated i you would let me know your oppinion on whether I should go with a female doctor I dislike just because they are the same gender, or if I should go with a male doctor I really like even though there is a possibility of an awkward conversation.

All oppinions are appreciated!

Thanks! :)


you should pick the doc that you like. If it is a male doctor, TRY talking to him about female stuff, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. After all, what you want is a medical explanation and guidance from someone who is paying attention.

The last thing you need is a doc, especially female, treating you like 'yeah, whatever, get over it'. You have girlfriends for that. LOL!

The awkward conversation that you are worried about, will feel awkward for you but not for him.


Women understand what teens go through. Men only learn about them in textbooks.

Some doctors and nurses are so rushed that they are not always aware of how they come across. If you are willing to be patient, you will learn there is a difference between caring and and courtesy.