Pain in my calf? Please help!?

I am fifteen and for the last 8 months i have had a pain in my left calf. It hurts especially after i exercise. Like i have to sit down cause the pain is so intense. Also when i wear heels it hurts a ton and the pain is unbearable. Also, i have scoliosis and my left leg is shorter than the my right leg. My doctor took an x-ray of my leg but didn't find anything so nobody thinks it's a big deal. Even though the pain is constant i never have gotten used to it. I don't think it's sciatica because it's been going on for so long. I really need help so if you can think of anything it might be please tell me!

thanks a lot


Sciatica is usually associated with the hip. In the case of your calf, it could be that you simply have to use more muscles on the left side to compensate for the scoliosis. I know a chiropractor who has one leg shorter than the other. The shoe on the short side has a thicker sole to assist with the awkwardness of walking. It is about an inch or two thicker, which doesn't seem like a lot, but it sure makes a difference.

If wearing heels hurts so bad, you should stop wearing them. There is no sense in trying to be fashionable if the pain is too much. Did the doctor also take and MRI? The problem sounds more like a muscular one than a skeletal one. Just a thought.

One other thought that breifly crossed my mind was compartment syndrome, but I don't think that is very common in someone your age. Never hurts to ask though.


i forgot what nutrient it is, but it is probably most likely linked to your eating habits.