Would stabbing someone in the heart kill them instantly?

If not where would be the quickest place?

I'm not planning on stabbing or killing anyone don't worry! I'm doing research for a story.


If you stab someone in the heart, they will not die fast. They would die in around 5 minutes, they would be only conscious for around 15 seconds. The brain can only survive around 5 minutes without oxygen and with no blood pumping into the brain the brain isn't getting oxygen(blood carries oxygen through your body). The only way to kill someone instantly is to complete smash their brain. If the person gets hit with a hard enough blow, the brain can hit the skull with enough force to cause the brain to bleed and you die but as soon as the brain Utah the skull you are unconscious so there is not fighting. Unlike a stab to the heart the person still has consciousness for 15 seconds. Even if you sever the head, the person is still conscious for several seconds after, so they are able to see their body before looking consciousness and dieing. Crushing the ribs into the lungs, breaking the neck, or exploding (popping) the "Adams Apple" will give you a silent death because there is no possible way of speaking while you are drowning in your own blood, or after having your nervous system completely shut down, or puncturing the lungs. Please don't kill anyone with the information a gave to you. This is for educational purposes only and I am not responsible for anything you use this information for.


im not telling you i have a feeling your going to kill somebody


if it goes through their heart then yes. most of the time it does kill them instantly, but some unlucky people can survive a few minutes, so they end up dying a painful death :(


a few jab's to tha heart can kill within a few mins. Or tha throat it cuts off air and they die within one minn and twenty five seconds.


stabbing somone in the heart is considered an instant death, but on the contrary it will take a few seconds until not enough blood gets pumped, then afterwards they will die... I would say the brain is the most sensitive part of the humanization body, 1 shot in the head and you die instantly, sometimes ur body's nerve system does not react fast


Stabbing isn't exactly the best thing to kill someone quick. When you stab someone, it takes them a minute or two to die; if you keep the weapon in anyway, since your keeping the blood in. If you stab, then retreat the weapon quickly out of the body, it would take about 30 seconds due to blood loss. Best place to stab would be the brain. The brain is the most important organ of the body, with out the brain, nothing can operate. Stabbing is a bit overrated though. A simple slice at someone's throat would give them 3-10 seconds to live. Because, either you slice their main artery or you slice their windpipe. So they bleed to death or die because of lack of air. If you wanted to end a life quickly and clean, a simple neck snap would end a life in a second and would allow a person to die without pain. It's a right hand on the top of the head pulling right and a left hand on the chin pulling left. Don't try it on yourself ... or anyone else hahaha. If you just want to stab, it's best on the head or neck region. Better on the back of the head, were the skull is mostly vulnerable. By the way, I'm not sick. I just play quite a lot of video games and I got a high grade in Biology. I find stuff like this, good to know. Just in case I could be attacked one day.

Edit: I forgot to add: Most people, when they get stabbed. Actually die of shock rather than the actually wound. Shock is a mental issue. When the mind believes that it's going to die inevitably, it kills itself, rather than allowing the body to be in pain. There was a test by scientist a while ago when they blindfolded a man, sliced his wrist a little bit (Not enough to kill him, or even make a scratch), then they added hot water on his wrist. His body thought the hot water was blood and he died because of shock. It's a very weird thing. Hope I helped :D