I CUT my BALLS on a FENCE, how to stop the pain?

okay so i am 14 years old i love doing par core it is really fun but every now and then i slip up...

cause i was climbing this tree and i fell off about a good few feet before i landed balls first on a fence barley bigger then my legs which hurt like hell well now its been about 1 day and i looked at my balls cause it really hurts to sit, walk, or lay down in sertin positions and it turned out it somehow cut through the first 2 layers or so of skin so what can i do or put on it to make it stop hurting cause ive already tried a band aid and im not going to tell u how much that failed so what should i do?


That has to be the hardest place on the human body to bandage. You scrotum is just full of tiny little veins that are close to the surface... well I don't need to tell you. I get bleeders down there once in a while and usually take a big roll of gauze (or bunch of paper towels)and try to put the area in a spot where you can keep it in place with your leg, kind of folding the skin under. I have tried liquid bandage and you do not want a piece of that. It burns like you would not believe. Like sticking your balls in a hot frying pan. I did pick up some liquid bandage a while back that said it was "no sting" but I haven't had to test it thank god. Keep pressure on the cut and while it can bleed a lot it will stop sooner or later. Try to avoid tape or normal band-aids, no just cause they don't work but if you have any hair down know.

Good look.


Return to the fence and retrieve your testicles. Sew them back on and the pain will stop quicker.


Go to the doctor... you may need medicine.


Put your junk in a bowl of ice.


get a big block of ice and ride it like a pony and have someone pull you around a parking structure!

viva par core!


Pour alcohol on it. Then rub some Icy Hot on it, that'll clear it right up.


Haha might want to put some antibiotic ointment on it and wrap it up. Maybe visit the local e.r.


You REALLY need to TELL YOUR PARENTS so they can TAKE YOU TO THE DOCTOR OR HOSPITAL to get your testicles looked at to make sure YOU DON'T GET AN INFECTION.