What is wrong with my wrist?

I was doing backbends, when I attempted a backbend kickover, mission accomplished! I was having so much fun kicking over I didn't noticed my wrist starting to get sore. (my wrist has been hurting in a backbend for the past few weeks) I attempted one more backbend kickover, and right when I got into my backbend, my wrist had a huge sharp amount of pain. I went inside and stretched it, it felt better so I went on carpet and it was ok when I pressed flat on the floor, the same way a backbend goes, but when I actually went in my backbend, a HUGE amount of pain went in my wrist. It's like in between my wrist and hand, and I can do everything with my wrist, it's just stiff, but when I do a backbend, it hurts soooo bad! It's NEVER hurt that bad, and it made me cry! I rarely cry, so it hurt like really bad. I have no clue whats wrong with my wrist, when I flex it back, it feels looser than the other wrist, but it doesn't hurt! Any ideas on what's wrong, and what I should do?


You probably just stretched the ligaments in your wrist. It might hurt for a week or two. So try and take a little break from the backbends so you don't aggravate it further. If the pain increases you should go to the doctor.

Ice for about 20 minutes then apply an ace wrap, this should come over the palm of your hand. Ice once every 2 hours for 20 minutes. Do not apply heat. Only use ice, AKA frozen water.


You probably just streched a tendon it will heal in about a month


You probably snapped your scaphoid with all the presser on it. I just broke my scaphoid and I have to have surgery and be in a cast for 6 months