What Do I Do If I Got Stabbed by A Number 2 Pencil?

I was packing my stuff in math class and I was closing the pouch where I hold my pencils. When I was closing it a very very sharp pencil I sharpened stabbed my right thumb. It bled a little like a drop and it stopped. The end of the lead is still stuck in my thumb (I think). It was a Ticonderoga #2 HB Pencil. What do I do?


They don't use lead anymore, its graphite. Completely harmless to the body. Wash it with soap, and if you're able then try to get it out, but if ntot then don't worry about it. I stabbed myself in the hand with a pencil on accident, really deeply. The graphite was stuck in there for a couple years, and my body absorbed it eventually (it was a bigger chunk).


lead poiosning happens next. good luck, i hear it's fatal =/


If it's stuck go and get it taken out.


Similar thing happened to my brother when he was in 6th grade. His sharp pencil stabbed his hand (though it didn't go in deep). It's been 8 years and he has a small dark mark under his skin from it, but he never got sick or any other effects.


Don't worry about it. Like one of the other answerers said, lead isn't put into pencils anymore because of the incident that happened with you :P. If someone was accidentally stabbed with a lead pencil, they would get lead poisoning and I think it is fatal.

So you will be fine. Find some tweezers and pull the left over piece out. Wash it under a cold tap, and you're done. No worries.


pull it out and band-aid it... thats all


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Just tell someone and get them to remove the graphite with tweezers. Then cover it with a Band- Aid untill the skin heals. You will have a blue dot there for the rest of your life, but it isn' t very noticeable. Same thing happened to me in the palm of my hand.