Survey:How to sprain your ankle on purpose?

i am aware of how stupid this sounds but i hv a perfectly good personal reason to wanna do this so any ideas?pls only serious ideas...and don't tell me to jump off a roof or something dumb like that..thx=D


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I cant imagine why you would want to sprain your ankle but each to their own I guess...

you could try falling and twisting your foot at the same time. You'll either get a sprained ankle or a broken one.

Probably easier to just fake it. Doubt it would be very difficult, just dont put your weight on your foot, limp when you walk and maybe wince every now and again.

dont forget which ankle is supposed to be hurting though or you will look most foolish

Best of all though would be to look at why you think you need this injury - is it to get out of doing something? elicit sympathy from someone you fancy? Either way honesty is generally the best way to go in the long run, you only risk making life more difficult for yourself otherwise

hope that helped


so you are asking how to purposely sprain your ankle, and not do something stupid.

are you ******* kidding me?

pardon my french.


Step on the outside of your foot rather than on the bottom. Particularly convincing if you are in heels & then fall down.


Just fake it...sprains are diagnosed because the patient is experiencing pain but the doctor can find no visable injury...No need to hurt yourself, just claim you did.


The only way I know is accidentally. ...on purpose... never heard of that happen before... Sorry!

If you really want to avoid some situation or someone, you must speak out your mind. You don't need the pain a sprain ankle gives...


There is no good reason to purposely harm yourself. It's stupid, dangerous, and just plain irresponsible. My advice, don't do it on purpose, because you're probably only doing it to get out of school, or to get out of running the mile in gym. Grow up and deal with life sweety.


Put on REALLY high hills and try to run. But be careful to not fall and break the leg or something else. OR just walk with the hills on an uneven path. Or, finally, just pretend by putting ton he white staff that they put around your ankle when you really sprain it. That is unless you want to go to a cute doctor with a sprained ankle of course ;).


lol... something dumb like that... that's funny coming right after "I have perfectly good personal reasons to wanna sprain my ankle on purpose..."

Just to let you know, if you're doing it to avoid sports or something... inflicting self harm to get out of something is actually a really bad sign. If you were in a hospital and you said that, they'd send you to see a psychologist.

So whatever you're planning to avoid... grow up and deal with it, because you can't avoid life by hurting yourself.

Also, a sprained ankle can be very serious, and if you do a "good" job on it, you can actually really screw it up in a way that will plague you for years. Plus, you might end up breaking it.