Is anyone else always scared that they have something ?

I haven't been to busy lately and one time started looking up sicknesses and diseases online. Now im always freaking out that I have contracted a whole bunch of different stuff. Its killing me.


Actually, thinking that you have a bunch of diseases is a disease in itself, called hypochondria. I am all too familiar with this ailment; I had to stop watching "House" because every time I watched an episode, I found myself having 'mysterious symptoms' similar to whatever the exotic disease of the night happened to be on the show.

You have to remember to tell yourself that it is highly unlikely that you have every disease that you have ever looked up. But don't let that stop you from overlooking certain symptoms if you suspect they genuinely are real, unlikely as it is. If it is really bothering you, go to a doctor and get checked out just to be sure.


You dont have anything unless you go to a doctor and confirm it. But this can all be in your head. whn you look up stuff about diseases you start to worry you have them but sometimes it all in your head.


do wake up in the morning and go to bed at night i need that pill


Stop reading about disease, first of all. I have Bipolar, OCD, BPD, and an autoimmune disease and asthma. I'm always getting diagnosed with something new everytime I go to a doctor. It's scary. But don't fret. If you are healthy, by a doctor's standards, then don't think about it. And stop reading.