What is wrong with me?

I have no personality, my mind is always blank and im usually quiet because of it, i feel tired/lazy all the time, and i do not feel motivated to do anything at all not even go out with friends which i am afraid of losing because i dont talk much with them either


watch the tv shows that used to make you laugh.

go to the places you used to have fun.

when you see your pals ask them questions if you don't have much to say. people love to answer questions mostly.

eat some fruit and veg every day. i started juicing fruit recently and i do feel better already from it.

go to the library and get some books. rent some movies.

just do what you feel like.

human beings have their highs and lows. it sounds like you do not have much around you at the moment that is stimulating.

if you feel really tired then go to the doctor. they can give you a little MOT.

it is not worth me writing "depression" because what does it mean? it is caused by life. life is not what it says in the movies and magazines. life is about finding pleasure in small things. enjoying the company of others. working hard. laughter. focusing on what you have instead of what you do not have or what you want. living in the here and now. and working out how to enjoy it. Not easy. That is why half the world has depression. Reality is tough! but it has fun times too. Smile. Brush your teeth. Get out there and tottle about. Be patient. Life is not a 1 hour film. There are quiet boring times. Then round the corner something cool happens. But staying in your room might mean you miss the fun round the corner moment. Have faith. Have hope. Remember we are all in the same game. Fun/boring/tragic/wow/awful//no two days are quite the same.


It is great that you are reaching out for help. You may want to talk with a counselor about your symptoms. Talking with someone is important so you can get the help you need to begin feeling better.

Know you can contact the Boys Town National Hotline at 1-800-448-3000. We have trained counselors who can talk with you directly, anytime 24/7. We can also help you find resources available in your area. We hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care,

Counselor AH


have ever been in strong feeling of pain?.. my point is maybe it is because you have this kind of mental illness like phobia. my suggestion is first look at yourself, think of what makes you happy - you do want fun activities? having friends to care? and ask this to yourself.. " am i really want this?" then what ever your answer is.. go for it, believe in yourself that you have control in your life. and you are here just to get happy. (or whatever it is that you want to :) ) getting happy is good right :) go for it !


yeah, you got the point ALREADY

why you always like this?

this is because :

1) You lack of "MOTIVATE"

2) You don't have "CONFIDENCE"

3) You don't have "COMMUNICATION SKILLS"

4) You hate gain "KNOWLEDGE"

5) You are so super "NEGATIVE"

6) You don't "CARE"

dude, change yourself because if you still the same person, you will never be succes in your life. watch "The Pursuit of Happyness"