Poll<I> Could love be a form of, Mental Illness?

What say you?


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It can be an obsession of sorts so in some cases so.....? I think real love is always unconditional whichever form it takes.

#1 also could form mental illness.


Well Mr. Dylan ~

I say yes...For the Male/Female, Couple, Partner type Love. You really suffer from something going through it...and when you loose it you suffer worse, and the older you get you lock your heart away so not to have the feelings again and suffer the possibility of loosing.

Just an old ladies opinion .


It is a mental condition which causes a change in your mental state (your willingness to make someone else happy over your own happiness and thinking of them constantly) but I hesitate to call love an illness. On the contrary, love heals.


Not true love, Bob, because God is the purest form of love. Is God insane? I don't believe so, he made all of us, and God don't make no junk! :)


not an illness ... though at times it certainly feels like it......


There's a song about this! ;o)~…

"? Crazy Little Thing Called Love ?" -- Queen


~~ Never .


Na Uh ...

Iffin it was , i'd be in the Looney Bin .

D :)