Please help!10 points. Do I have ADHD?

Alright, I think I have ADHD. I'm hardly ever tired, i have trouble sleeping, i'm always hyper, and if im not running or jumping up and down, im talking,talking,talking,talking,talking,… And when i stay the night at my grandmaws i sleep with my mom and i move,move,move,move. I don't even notice until she yells at me. I get easily distracted and day-dream alot. My mom won't take me to the mental health cliinic, cause she thinks I just want attention! But that's soooo not true! I get plenty of attention and I dont even really notice how much im moving until someone gets mad and yells at me. How can I convince my mom?


Speaking as a doctor who treats ADHD, it is diagnosed based on symptom observation.

Try this complete list of ADHD symptoms to see if it applies to you:

List Of ADHD Symptoms:…

Also, take the free ADHD Test:…


My boyfriend has ADHD and only sleeps for 5 hours a night tops. He constantly makes odd noises and doesn't stop moving. He also has a foul temper and has tantrums anywhere, even in public. He even had one in Starbucks the other day and threw money on the floor. It's very hard for him and everyone else as he is nearly 21.

It sounds to me like you have it.

I would suggest you keep onto your Mother about it. Not getting help could seriously effect your relationships and your professional life.

I would suggest following a diet free of sweets and additives instead of taking pills. I took Ritalin as a child because they thought I had ADHD and so did my boyfriend. We now both have unexplained health problems and so do all the other people I know who took it as children.


Ask the school (the nurse for example), I'm sure they'll help you. Tell your mum how worried you are about this then she'd have to take you to see an expert. Don't worry, I hope that helped a bit.


Drugs given for ADHD are on the controlled substances list and have shown to stunt growth and in longer term studies show damage to brain cells. Nutritional studies shown 80% reversal of ADHD symptoms within 2 weeks of a processed free and chemical food additive free diet. L-Theanine is a natural substance from green tea which is used in Japan for attention problems.……


It sounds like you do have ADHD show her that you have all the same symptoms people with ADHD have, and ask her to take you do the health clinic just to make sure :)