Is it normal to vomit from crying?

i have heard of babies/toddlers making themselves sick when crying and of people coughing or retching and ending up vomiting but this wasnt the case for me. i do not usually cry but the other day i was crying for the best part of the day, i felt panicky and had a headache etc then my mouth started to water and i vomited. is it normal for a 20 year old to vomit in this way? i am otherwise healthy and this has never happened before


Yes your body gets intensely agitated from your tears and upset that it begins to convert your emotional pain into physical pain which is vomiting. It does'nt mean that you are unhealthy, it simply means that your body is in working order :)


This was the first episode that has apparently happened, but if it continues to happen you really should go see your general medical practitioner as it could possibly be something that is serious and needs to be taken care of as soon as you notice it.


These things happen. No need to worry.