How to cure depression?

like seriously anyone who has had it before how do you get rid of it? 5 years of hell and If I dont find something soon Im gonna go insane and probably either kill myself or go on a killing spree.

Im going insane right now.


dude, i feel ya.

ive been through four years of hell and its still happening.

but suicide is not the way..

it seems so perfect and i kno.. ive attempted it four times.

and ive promised really important people to me since then that i wouldnt.

right now im past the suicide part really onto the killing spree.

i really think about it all the time.

and the scary part is i kno im really capable of such.

my advice to you: get into religion, find some good people, get close to your family, go to a therapist, get some medication.

of course it doesnt "cure" depression.

i really dont think anything "cures" it.

it just fades away one day.

but it can always come back.

but those things above really help me.

i kno good people are hard to find and maybe youre not close to your family.

but people really do help.

its always wonderful to kno that somebody cares about you.

and if you dont got anyone, religion is helpful.

its helpful anytime.

im not gunna get into that because i kno its an iffy subject.

but therapy helps as well because its a stranger.

they wont judge you.

theyll only kno wat you wanna tell em.

they dont kno about your past unless you tell em.

and medication..

i find that anti-depressants do not help me.

but other medication dealing with my more personal issues help.

like things that go along with depression.

good look with your battle with depression.

you can win.


Curing depression as you know is not a simple art.

In my opinion, the best way is a combination of medication, talking therapy and alternative remedies.

It can take a long time to find the right medication to work for you, but that will happen. I see that you have felt depressed for some time now so I presume you have tried a few meds? I tried several before I found one that worked for me and happily am no longer taking any medication as I do not need it.

I also believe in positive self-talk and would recommend self-help books. I also used to use lavendar oil on my pillow at night. Exercise also helps.

Basically I did everything I could that I had read would help and eventually I was able to help myself enough to not have to take medication anymore.

Do not kill yourself, remember that "This too will pass" and that nothing is forever. The only way now is up xx


Depression does not exist- you dont have to cure it--

Hurting people hurt others. People/parents do mean things or lie to manipulate. They just want the reaction so they can get high feel good from it. You have to look at the agenda and not just the words. Abuse is anything that's not uplifting so forget what truth is being used right then. They have the problem.

When they or you have been thru abuse/disfunctional family/rejection/father gone it makes things start. Being a control freak, Anger, Depression, Bipolar, bullying, cutting, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, hearing voices can all come from a tramautic past. It opens doors to the negative and things like addicitons, cravings also. You can talk to me or google "emotional abuse".

Sickness can be a spiritual problem so praying to get rid of negative things of a spiritual nature is often needed from family problems.

Turns out psychiatry is not based on science. Its just like a theory and a guess. See what real docs have to say below on video. There is no medical background to it at all. Psychiatrists do not draw blood to determine the presence of a biochemical imbalance in patients. They merely observe and announce the so called existence. They just desire to believe this. Mental illness does not exist by itself without a real disease so dont be called a name it is fraud.

Google "Emotional Abuse" Read about bullies online.

Google-"Sinners prayer"- learn that heaven awaits you

Google- "Deliverance Prayers"………………

Click my name to talk. God wants you to know truth

The final step is knowing they are weak and to forgive them.

Source-- Experience in a ministry seeing people cured without meds it was only abuse.


Why should I care about your welfare when you're threatening to go on a killing spree, if you have no compassion for your fellow human beings the worlds probably better of without you.


unfortunately depression is a life long problem. You however need to talk to a psychiatrist.


Whatever is making you depress go fix it.

and why would you wanna go kill people? its not going to fix anything silly.

and killing yourself is just plane retarded! K so if your gonna to kill yourself ..that means you don't care about anything right? Then don't care about what people think about you. Don't care about your problems. Go out in the world and live a little! go run for 3490334 miles. Go ask out the girl you like/ guy whatever you prefer. Save money for a cruise. Go learn guitar or whatever instrument you like....why waste you life when you can have fun with it!

Do stuff your normal self would never dream of doing!( im not talking about killing people and harming any living thing). LIVE,LEARN,LOVE


many do not like this answer but a therapist. you need someone you can talk to and just spit it all out to, who doesnt know your family, friends, etc. and it is confidential. if it is true depression then they can decide if you need medication but even sometimes just talking to someone they can help you consider finding lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and sleeping schedule that can help.