Is this some sort of ocd?

im almost 12. whenever i learn about add or ocd i become obsessed about looking it up and knowing everything about it. whenever i learn about it i go off about how i have all the symptoms even if i only have a few. if something is messy i freak out, but i don't want to clean it up, i wait for some one else to do it. i have this thing with games where when i start i won't stop until i beat it. i'll get down to the point to where i'm shaking before i stop. if i'm watching a tv show all day i'll get really obsessed about people who are in the tv shows i look up, where they went to school, their pictures, ect. i'm always thinking to the point to where my mind seems cluttered. please say a real answer not just go to a doctor and stuff, a real answer! thx!


Well I'm sixteen and when I was your age I was like that too. Like, I thought that something was wrong with me. Right now, I think that it is just a stage in your life and eventually it will go away. If I doesn't go away by the time you're an adult then you probably have an issue with OCD. Right now don't worry about it, you're a kid and you'll change. Hope I helped. :)


I say nothing to serious to worry about, if you have had this problem and been living like this for a while all you life then no you fine. However if you developed these symptoms within the past 3 weeks get help as soon as possible, as it could lead into anxiety or other disorders.


lol, theres nothing wrong with you, it means you just are wanting to find info on cool things, nothing wrong.


now I have ocd, its when if you see a cooked pic or somthing you go nuts!

i HAVE to fix it!