How do I get over her death?

My great grandma died today... I've been crying since 8:00 am when i found out. I really don't know what i should do.. I made a question earlier be4 her deatth of what to do to keep her in shape and the last thing she said before she died was Tell my Bella I love her. and I'm Bella.. I'm cryinng so bad/


Hey everything is going to be okay, i promise. I lost my grandma two years ago and its still really hard for me to deal with. she was the closest person to me in my family. Its never easy losing someone you love, its always sudden, even if it was planned or not. Everyone has to pass someday. So will you and when you do you will see her again and everyone that you love, but that's after you live your life.You never do get over it but don't dwell on it, that's what makes it harder. So keep crying. Take all the time you need to grieve. Remember the good memories, for she will always be in your heart.


You don't ever really get over her dying. You do in time get used to her not being here anymore.

There is no time limit on how long you will feel, like you do now.

Your great grandma left you a wonderful gift, her last thoughts were of you. You can't see this now but, one day you will realize how Special that is.

Cry and cry and let it all out. Talk about your grandma when you want to.

One day you will find that, it doesn't hurt as much as it does right now. You will always have times when you think about her.

Your grandma was very lucky to have you as a granddaughter and you were lucky to have her.

She will always be with you, in the thoughts you have and the things she taught you. Go to your mom or dad and get a hug and have a good cry sweetie.


so you have many special & wonderful memories~that is what you need to focus on~also how many years YOU where blessed to have her~it'll get easier w/time it really does~all you need to do now is mourn for her~what you are doing & going through is perfectly normal?


You never get over a death, it will always follow you all you can do is remember her and talk about her every once in a while. Go occupy yourself with some type of activity, for me I like to go running and then take a shower and a nap. I wake up feeling fresh and happy to be alive.


Im sorry about your loss. Time will heal your pain. For now, its ok and normal to mourn someone you love. Just be around the people who will support you and mourn with you.