Please help! i don' know how to let go of stress and its eating me alive?

I'll be the first to admit that I tend to sweat the smallest things, I worry easily and I'm wayy to hard on myself. I am student and a waitress part time. I work really hard and put my all into everything. I just got a new job though and while I have waitressed before I'm having a hard time. Last time I worked day shift my boss hovered over me the whole time and was really unhelpful. He was making me nervous and I was intimidated. Yesterday night I worked again and I screwed everything up. Usually I'm not scatter brained or that bad of a server, but I was slow and having a hard time taking everyone's order (I had a 15 top that was just drinking and ordering food at random times and getting mad when their beers took longer than 10 seconds). I was in charge of the whole dining room and patio so I was running my butt off. Anyway, the point of this is that any normal person can realize that this is just a minimum wage job and while its good to put the effort in it's not the end of the world if I get fired. I literally cried at work yesterday out of frustration. I really don't want ot get a new job because I feel like I could make good money and I just wen through training. What do I do to let go of the stress? Today was my day off and I couldn't stop thinking about last night at work and everything I did wrong. I had nightmares about not refilling the bleu cheese. I do the same thing with school too. I dwell too much on my mistakes. Please help!?!?!?! I can't live with my conscience constantly telling me that I'm wrong and never good enough.


There is something that therapists call "Catastrophizing". Basically it means that your brain thinks about the worst case of what could happen, and makes things seem worse than they are. One of the first things you can do is think about what really would happen if you got fired? I don't know what the job means to you financially as far as supporting your self etc ... but if the job as you say is a minimum wage job, then it won't be that hard to find another one, so you have options. That is what you need to be thinking when people are giving you crap at work. Just think to yourself "I have options". When you have options in life you feel more secure because you aren't reliant on something to support a major portion of your lifestyle. When you get older and get more responsibilities, your stress grows because you have more to lose and your options become less, so you may "need that job" so you take more crap and become more miserable. So why not interview for another job while you are working at this one, set up an immediate option, then leave. You don't need to sit around and take any crap from anyone. Good luck.


meh, just let it go. go into robot mode for a while. worrying won't help any. and if nothing else, get some hello kitty stickers.