Anyone else get sad/more emotional at night?

I usually stay up until 4am every night, for some reason I always get this weird feeling that feels like im sad but im not really... If I have been sad all day then when 1 or 2am comes around, I get extra sad feeling, just like I get more emotional for some reason..

And it's not always "sad" sometime I get that "in love" feeling with no reason at all.

My life is pretty good in general so Im not really sure why I get these feelings like life is bad because it really isn't.

Anyone else get these weird types of feelings when night comes around and is there an explanation for it all?


Oh my GOODNESS! I get that all the time. I try to explain to people and they're always like "what are you talking about?"

Yes, I know what you're talking about. I wonder how much sleep you get at night.

The best answer I can come up with is that we spend all day stimulated by people and events and such.

Then we get home and wind down a little. By the time 4am rolls around, we have to face our thoughts and feelings that we felt throughout the day. There aren't any things to distract us (or friends to pull us out of our rut).

I bet you also do what I do and fuel that intense emotion. Like listen to sad songs or love songs or watch a depressing movie. :P I'm not sure why we do it.


ALWAYS.... I guess at night you just lay in your bed and your mind starts to wonder in places you don't want them to go! It sucks I'm sorry we have 2 deal with it!


sleep is necessary for regulating emotions.


all the time. every night. Like, sometimes i'll write about my most deep personal feelings, and the next morning i'll wake up and read them and be like "what the heck? i'm so weird." and i'm almost embarrased about how deep i get.


I know what you mean. Maybe you get MORE sad at night because you are, most likely, alone, and it's quiet..there's no one else to talk to but you start thinking things through more and it makes you emotional...even if you are sad during the day..there are people and places and things that distract you you don't feel as sad...but at's just you, yourself, and you...


Sounds like borderline depression or sleep deprivation. You don't say why you stay up until 4am every night. Believe it or not, the lack of sleep severely effects our emotional well being. Turn off the computer and go to bed.

Also, if you lean toward the melancholy side of things, don't leave yourself to your own devices. You must actively and proactively make your thoughts and life different. Do something else besides sitting up until 4am alone thinking sad thoughts. Try to change your sleep habits. Your sad thoughts are magnified at night because there is nothing else going on. It's just you and your thoughts.

In the meantime, speak to your family practice physcian. Also know that there are holistic (natural) products that are available over the counter that lift mood. Try GNC, a store that specializes in holistic products or the pharmacist.