What do you think of this?

What kind of issues would a person who went through these things have:

-she is a 17 year old girl

-she was sexually abused by 3 different people when she was a kid

-she comes from a wealthy family, her mom is a teacher and her dad is an accountant

-she was physically and verbally abused by her perents

-she was bullied when she was a child, but when she grew up she bullied others

-everyone calls her pretty but she doesnt believe them..she wants it feel it herself

-just wants to be loved, and understood

-shes hurting in the inside but is putting on a happy cheerful face on the outside

-she is a popular girl at school, but she doesnt want to be a part of that crew

-doesnt like opening up to people

-has to live up to so many expectations

-turns to drugs and alcohol for support

-feels guilty for no reason

-she doesnt know what she wants out of life

-feels like noone will ever undestand her and they will judge her


A mental health problems stems from the brain, yes personal factors can be included/contribute to that. But that doesn't mean because someone has had a rough start to life that they will automatically have a problem or issue.

Apart from the sexual abuse you have just described about have the worlds population of teenagers.

So if anything a diagnosis would be being a teenager.




Hi there,

Narcotic Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sadistic Personality Disorder, BorderLine Personality Disorder, Dependant Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety.

Lin. xXx