What do you think of suicide?

do u think when you die, you just totally dissapear altogether or do you think you fly around as a ghost or do you go some place like a heaven or a hell or something.

It seems like there is a catch 22 to suicide though. How do you know you just dissapear altogether? Dying is just getting rid of the body. What if everything else, like emotions and mental process, and all that remains intact, or if there is a next life. I kinda think there is something to the ghost flying around us type thing. Just wondering what other people think.


I believe that human beings have a "soul". This spirit is part of God, the part of God that is within every man (Christ said so in the Gospel of St. Matthew).

And I believe that our souls are "reclaimed" by God at death. We return to be part of Him and if we have filled out lives with grace and good things, our soul has become richer and more pleasing to God. If our lives have been corrupt and unhealthy, our souls are too and God doesn't want us this way...and so He may recycle us or reject our spirit, our soul.

So, go out and live your life well.

I believe that suicide is the terminal form of depression. And depression is a medical disease that can be medicated, treated and the patient hospitalized. Only when medical care is neglected are suicides successful. And so, suicide is not a sin, it is a terminal disease.


I think suicide is stupid & pathetic. Why kill yourself, we all have so much to live for, what you wanna die for!?


I think it would be fun....But don't do it!


I think suicide is lazy and selfish. We can all make the world a better place through our actions and it is selfish to just quit. It is lazy because you are not confronting your problems buy avoiding them to the point of death.


Don't ever do it. After hardship follows ease, always! Even when you can never see a way out, there will be. I promise. Strong people don't contemplate suicide, they think now we're in a situation.. how can we get out of it... what's the most rational way to deal with this(?).


I think that it depends on how you live your life. If its a bod life, then you go to hell and regret all the bad things you ever did.If you had a good life, you get to go to heaven which is like a vast emptiness.Your brain controls your thoughts, when it dies there is nothing. But you shouldn't let what others think influence you and PLEASE don't kill yourself. Its not the right answer.


Please, don't kill yourself it dosnt help anything. But anyway I am Christian so i believe that when you die your soul either goes to heaven or hell but your body will remain on earth. That is what I believe, others may not believe the same. I hope I helped. And PLEASE don't hurt or kill yourself, if you are depressed or something just ask Christ to come into your life.


I think there's NOTHING. Just NOTHING. I have to be convinced otherwise first to change my mind. (By the way, I'm an atheist...)

But I don't think there's a 'catch 22' or anything like that. You're just dead, you don't exist anymore, the neuronal structure of your brain collapsed.

Edit: "I think suicide is lazy and selfish" - well, good for you, but what gives you the right to determine what other people should do with their lives? I agree it's sometimes selfish, but you can't just say that generally!